Vertical Blinds


We literally have hundreds of different fabrics for you to choose from. We have plain coloured fabrics to super vibrant patterned fabrics, so we will always have something that suits every room in your house or business premises. When one of our advisors comes out to see you, they will have a full list of samples for you to be able to browse through. It’s always good to take them out of the folder and hold them up against your window too, just so you know you are getting the right colour match.

Office Blinds

At Deva Blinds we often hear people referring to vertical blinds as “Office blinds”.  This may have been the case a few years ago, when all you could get was thick dust collectors in only the dullest of colours. Things are very different today they are available in hundreds of colours and patterns. A vertical blind can give a diffused effect to any room.

Slats Only Option

If you already have vertical blinds in your windows and the head rail is still in good working order, we can supply you with the just the slats. This will give you with a cost effective way of giving your windows a refresh. You can save as much as 30% choosing this option.

Make it Safe

With our constant dedication to keep you safe, we have committed to only producing blinds with safety, child-safe cords. We make sure our blind cords have preventative measures built in them so that people can not come to any harm. An extra piece of mind, when purchasing from Deva Blinds.

Download A Brochure

Vertical blinds are not just fabulous to look at, they are fabulous to own. Download our brochures to find out more.

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